Columbus Theatre To Close

We all woke up today to this depressing announcement: the Columbus Theatre will be closing in June. General manager, Tom Weyman, has issued this statement:

After 12 years, the Columbus Theatre will be ceasing operations in June 2024. The last show will be on June 9th. All currently scheduled events will go on as planned. There may be a few more events added before we close – check our website for more details.

I want to thank everyone who has supported the theatre since 2012 – we have done incredible things together in this building. Thank you to everyone who ever worked a show, played a show, screened a film, or attended an event. Special thanks to Q, Sam, Glenna, Jerome and Lara, who have contributed so much in these past few years.

Biggest thanks of all to Jon Berberian, who has given us such a gift by letting us work in his theatre. I’m committed to helping Jon and his family find the path forward with the theatre, to find someone who has the passion, energy, resources and vision necessary to keep this beautiful space a home for the arts in Providence.

I will be assembling some memories for a future post. As I look back now, I realize how much time I have spent in this glorious old pile. The variety of events over the years has included music, stand-up, movies, and political rallies. The distressed comments from all over are piling up on their Facebook page.

I hope that “there may be a few more events added before we close” means what I think it does. We need closure!

Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, (directions)


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  1. You know, I haven’t been since COVID. I always liked it but I found the acts were a little too “insider” for my tastes. A friend once said “it’s like a clubhouse where they only have their friends play.”

    I have read the facility may in fact be in a state of some disrepair, which is a shame. In this economy it’s going to be challenging to get someone to pay to fix it.

    The music scene in this city has REALLY changed over the past two decades. Long gone is PVD’s rep as a “good college town” for national acts to play. The only downtown venue left is the Strand, and in a similar state of “who exactly are these people playing here.” I give Askew and Alchemy a lot of credit for hanging in there and at least trying to keep the old spirit of the Met, Lupos, Last Call, JRs, Safari Lounge, Babyhead, DUSK etc alive.

    Hurrah for gentrification

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