Crook Point Brewing Co.

No sooner had this place opened last winter than the bridge crisis hit. Somehow they have survived. So, pursuant to the state’s new campaign encouraging people to support local businesses hit hardest by the ensuing traffic problems, on both sides of the river, may we suggest the Crook Point Brewing Company.

Located just across the Henderson Bridge on Massasoit Avenue in East Providence, this former hammer factory takes its name from the beloved Crook Point Bascule which serves as the brewery’s logo (just like the Fox Point Little League). The spacious interior includes: The Riverside Room, with its view of the Seekonk River, the bascule, and the Red Bridge*; The Rumford Room with a deck looking north up the river; and the Tap Room which looks into the brewhouse.

Gail Ciampa wrote up the new place, and its owner, last December in the ProJo:

A longtime homebrewer, [Ernie] Watson has worked on the brewery for over four years. He opened with three beers, named to pay homage to their East Providence home. There’s “Bascule” New England IPA, named for the iconic bridge. “Agawam” Amber Ale is named for the country club. Then there’s the East Providence Pale Ale.

Watson also brews several flavors of hard seltzers and there is a coffee bar. Follow on Instagram to keep up with events like: Cajun music and dancing with the Cajun Hobos this Friday from 7pm to 9:30pm. They also host solo performers and have trivia nights.

And there is merch . . . some very nice baseball caps.

Hours: Wednesday and Thursday, 4pm to 9pm/ Friday, 4pm to 10pm/ Saturday, noon to 10pm/Sunday, noon to 6pm. The entrance and parking are up Sutton Street on the right in this photo.

*It makes me so happy that people are calling this the Red Bridge . . . people like journalist Gail Ciampa. For those new to town, the original Red Bridge (drive straight down Waterman Street) was torn down decades ago when it was replaced by the Henderson Bridge, which everyone immediately called the New Red Bridge despite its not being at all red. And now the former Henderson Bridge is being replaced, and everyone seems to be calling this new span . . . the Red Bridge. I love it.

Crook Point Brewing, 65 Massasoit Avenue, East Providence (directions)


The Tap Room

The Rumford Room

The irony. The brewery is named for a broken bridge. Oh infrastructure.

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