The Steel Yard Loves Mom

It’s not too late to get your mom what she really wants: welding lessons. Today’s workshop is sold out but there are more coming up. Future workshops include: exploring the clay surface; handbuilt lamps; ready set throw (ceramics); kinetic yard art; and more.

Or sign up for one of these courses yourself; learn blacksmithing and by next Mother’s Day you will have forged mom a new bottle opener. Get out of the house and out of your head with some heating, hammering, and shaping!

Learn all about upcoming weekend welding workshops for beginners at the Steel Yard course catalogue.

The Steel Yard has become such a huge part of the city’s cultural landscape — as well as the actual landscape landscape — why not make a donation in your mom’s honor?

(I don’t know anything about the sculpture in this photo. It was just there the other day.)


Plan ahead for next Mother’s Day: Artists at the Steel Yard can perform custom work for a private commission. Maybe you just got a cool idea for a yard sculpture, fencing, a gate, a bike rack, or a first floor window grating for security that won’t look like prison. (Private requests are independent contracts and not Steel Yard projects.)

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