Peregrine Update

Don’t forget to check in on the nesting box; these young peregrines (eyases) grow fast. In fact, they are now starting to crowd out the parents. From Saturday’s ASRI update:

The eyases are continuously brooded for only around the first 10 days of life. Then, the eyases will huddle together until their adult feathers come in at around three weeks. At this stage, it is normal for the parents of the eyases to be absent from the nestbox. They are now spending most of their time hunting to feed their growing family, and they will really only return to feed their young. It also becomes pretty uncomfortable for the parent(s) to remain in the nest box at all times due to the increasing size of the eyases!

The adults can sometimes be seen in the background sitting on the parapet or hopping around the roof.

Rest assured: the parents are only seconds away if any predator approaches. After all, they are the fastest creature on the planet.

(I’m having trouble getting the live stream running today as sometimes happens. These screen grabs are a few days old.)

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