Wayland Square Loses Two Restaurants

Gone: “We had a good run, it is the end of an Era.” This was the farewell message from Minerva’s Pizza this past weekend when they turned out the lights for the last time, after having served the East Side for 22 years. Owners Kabalan and Kaylin Habchi noted that business had been down as much as 42% due to the “bridge debacle.” I’m not sure how they even survived December — South Angell Street was a parking lot for weeks on end as I-195 west was redirected through Wayland Square.

Going: The Salted Slate has announced that May 31st will be their final day, but owner Ben Lloyd doesn’t actually blame the bridge closure for the decision. He spoke with Gail Ciampa of the ProJo:

“We just can’t handle the volume,” he said. “The way things are, we can’t find cooks. I have to be there for every shift. I’m spread too thin.”

Lloyd said everyone wants to talk about the challenges of the Washington Bridge closures and he said it doesn’t help. “But that’s not the reason” for his closing Salted Slate.

It sounds like a lease was ending and that is often the time for making these decisions. And he has two other businesses: The Providence Wine Bar in Wayland Square and XO Bar on North Main Street. That’s a lot.

From the WPRI story:

“It’s time to be the dad that doesn’t miss every game and be the husband that takes his wife on a date,” the post read. “I have been truly blessed for the 22 years I’ve been cooking in Providence and I’m so grateful that you all have let The Salted Slate be a part of your lives for the last 10 years.”

Thanks to you all.


Open through May 31st.


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