Goodbye ‘Ella McCay’

I really want Helen’s to be real. The cast and crew of “Ella McCay” have completed filming in Providence. They leave a warehouse of good will in their wake, particularly Jamie Lee Curtis who took the time to recommend local favorites like Little Sister on Hope Street to her 5.8 million followers.

In March one of my favorite actors, Kumail Nanjiani, visited one of my favorite restaurants, Jahunger on Wickenden Street, noting on their IG page,”Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. And for your AMAZING food. We cannot wait to return!” If you haven’t checked out Jahunger, do so. 

In general, there was little disruption, and having a James L. Brooks movie with this cast will enhance our profile as a place to visit, live, and film. Not to mention the locals who were employed and businesses that benefited.

Paul Edward Parker has a comprehensive roundup of the filming locations in the ProJo, as well as a piece about the local talents involved.

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