Mako Motorcycle Plates Nearing Production

Time for you bikers to kiss the wave goodbye and enhance your street cred with a new badass shark plate. Put one of these on your Vespa Ciao and watch the other mopeds scatter. The Atlantic Shark Institute (ASI) announced Thursday that they had recently taken their 500th order for the commercial and motorcycle versions of the wildly popular mako shark plate, bringing them close to the 600-order threshold needed to begin production. Nearly 10,000 of the mako passenger plates and combination plates are already on our roads.

For commercial and motorcycle plates, the Rhode Island DMV requires that 600 plates get purchased and ordered before they will put each plate into production. DMV will not produce any until 600 have been pre-ordered.

The ASI was wise enough to hire a real artist, Paul McFee, to execute the artwork. He specializes in marine art. The Warwick Beacon interviewed McPhee about the demands and limitations of this particular assignment:

. . . creating an original painting with specifications for a license plate, versus working with little restriction, was a different thing entirely. It required certain dimensions and margins not required in a normal project. It also restricted the colors used to four while Paul often uses dozens of colors and tones in his original works, based primarily on what he sees. Thin lines could not be used as printing may not pick them up for example. Halftones over certain percentages may “fill in” and create a single color, while halftones under certain percentages might “not print at all.” In essence, Paul was asked to create a beautiful original artwork, but it also had to meet very detailed specifications for the creation of the plates. “It had me thinking quite a bit about the process, every stroke and every color,” McPhee joked.

Motorcycle plates are also required on mopeds, autocycles, and scooters.

The mako shark is now considered endangered worldwide. Help support the Atlantic Shark Institute’s critical shark research by purchasing this custom plate for just $42.50 with $20 going to the ASI.

Go here to order your commercial or motorcycle plate now. Collect them all!


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