RISD Craft Fair

(6.1) The annual RISD Spring Craft Fair will be taking over two blocks of Benefit Street, between Waterman Street and Hopkins, this Saturday. Look for ceramics, furniture, fine art (2D and 3D), glass, apparel, jewelry, textiles, stationery, and paper goods.

Selecting an image for these posts is always fun — the glass and ceramics are so vivid — but this year it was the plush toys of Sarah Evans (2006, Illustration) that spoke to me.

I was also drawn to the fish rubbings of Stephanie Mason (1979, Textiles) see below.

This is a good time to avoid driving around the colleges on the East Side. Last weekend was Brown, this weekend will be RISD. There are plenty of lost, out-of-state license plates weaving about. Special attention on the rental trucks; the drivers are possibly lost and driving a truck for the first time.

Having said all that — the students have been known to leave some good stuff behind on the sidewalks when they leave. Pickers generally ride around in the mornings.

Free, 11am to 5pm, Saturday, June 1, Benefit Street, (directions)


Ms. Mason explains: After a professional career as a Textile Designer, I moved to Gloucester, Massachusetts, and became intrigued with the Japanese traditional method “Gyotaku.” The art of painting and rubbing fish to record the size.

(Okaaaay. Query: Can you still eat a fish after the rubbing?)

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