Weekend In Music

Friday@Union Station Brewery, Highwater Haulers, Beeef, Wooll @News Cafe, 2nd Rate Citizen, No Detour, Car Girlfriend, Weatherman @Askew, the Wolff Sisters, Molly O’Leary @Nick-A-Nee’s, Chris Monti Band @AS220 Main Stage, Dan Pomfret, Marina Murray, Olivia Dolphin @Red Ink, Return to Dust @the Met, Hey Nineteen @Black Lace, Noise Nomads, Diagram A, Jon Benet Bataille, Viliji @Myrtle, Keddjra  @AS220 Black Box, Love Letter, Losst, Impulse

Saturday@News Cafe, SWRM, Cannibal Ramblers @AS220 Main Stage, Opposition Dolls, Seven Basic Plots, Cadet, more @Nick-A-Nee’s, Tim Taylor Blues Band @AS220 Black Box, Marisa Anderson, Footings @the Narrows, the Tarbox Ramblers @Black Lace, Dull Care, Fred Cracklin, Trisomy 9, Palmslow, Ichiy

Sunday@AS220 Black Box, Two Boys Kissing, Fundamental Issue, Depopulate Montana, Porcelain @the Met, Violin River @AS220 Main Stage, Jon Prata

(Photo of the Wolff Sisters)

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