Sinclair Broadcasting Pushing Right Wing Narrative

Local television is really powerful, particularly within the older cohort of voters who still watch the local news every day. But now, just tuning in to their trusted local newsreaders for weather, sports, and traffic, may be leaving them vulnerable to the subtle drip of right wing propaganda. The problems with Sinclair Broadcast Group became evident seven years ago with the must-run segments that local anchors and reporters were forced to deliver; it has now taken the form of misleading attacks on Biden’s age which have been appearing in dozens of local newscasts on stations owned by Sinclair, stations like WJAR. (The New Republic, 6.11.24 and 6.17.24)

I stopped watching WJAR News long ago when it became clear that Gene Valicenti was promoting confusion on the climate change issue. This crew — yes, even sweet little Patrice Wood — may still be slipping little drops of poison into Grandpa’s ear.

My favorite solution to this problem made the rounds on social media a while ago: Sneak into the remote control of the likely victims in your life and block offending stations like FOX and WJAR News. (It may be necessary to turn it on again and let them watch the Olympics; otherwise they may call the cable company to come “fix” it. But get back over there right after the closing ceremony.)

And yes, we know that WPRI is owned by Nexstar who are also crappy and guilty of the same sort of thing.

How did we let this happen?

6 thoughts on “Sinclair Broadcasting Pushing Right Wing Narrative”

  1. Johnny…

    If Channel 10 (or Fox News, or whomever) wants to promote a conservative / GOP agenda, that can be their business model. You can not watch, you can boycott their sponsors, you can make the business model fail.

    PBS/NPR etc is (at least partially) funded by our tax dollars. Can I indicate on my tax forms that I do NOT want my share of taxes to go to “Public TV.” No, I cannot. I am all for various points of view (including here on PDD) but I am against my money sponsoring opinions. I was just curious as to why this site was very concerned about Channel 10, but not so much NPR.

    And I am a registered Dem and I would feel exactly the same if some of my tax money was used to fund OAN.

  2. Michelle Wu’s “comment” is hysterically ridiculous. If you want to, peruse The Public’s Radio, or local NPR for your confirmation-seriously, go right ahead. You won’t find it. NPR/The Public’s radio are exactly that-PUBLIC. Do you not even understand what that means? Of course it’s funded partially by tax payers. I read them every day, along with Daily Dose, RI Current. etc. Liberal bias? Gods, you sound like a Fox-approved bobblehead. Just because you feel something is happening doesn’t make it true. Trashing Daily Dose? Then what the heck are you even doing on here? Is that a life goal, to spread disinformation and outright lies on the pages you don’t like??? Get a grip on reality. Daily Dose is a independent page. NO one’s “funding” it except the people who make it! “All media is biased…” quick, throw the blame onto everyone to obscure the truth of the original article! lol what a joke.

  3. Where is the article about the local (tax funded) “Public” broadcasting radio and TV stations pushing Liberal agendas?

    All media is biased – badly at times. Seems like PDD is also guilty :(

  4. George Romney

    Oh I do the SAME THING! I sneak into my friends homes and delete MSNBC CNN and CBS from their TVs! It’s incredible how much more open minded they have becomes since they stopped being brainwashed by Liberal propaganda!!

  5. “…sweet, little Patrice Wood…” Always wondered how she has kept that job for so long. Nothing substantial there. For RI news read the Boston Globe. They have a strong group of journalists, who know the state well, writing for that paper.. If you must read the ProJo, stick to Katherine Gregg for political news.

  6. I don’t think “we” did anything to let this happen, other than to not know that/being able to stop the uber-rich from buying up media like Supreme Court Judges and Fed. level politicians. The 1 %-ers know no law except their own appetites and desires. We are standing outside the gated community, and not allowed in. The next 20-40 years are going to be insane. It’ll be a miracle if this country and it’s laws survive, let alone the the entire human civilization. Buckle up!

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