Providence in ‘Vogue’

And we have kayaks. Providence gets mentioned frequently in lists generated by lazy travel writers, but they tend to be superficial “ten best” items in search of clicks and not worth sharing. But this recent article for Vogue is neither superficial nor a list. I have already shared “Providence is the charming East Coast creative capital to visit now” with a new arrival to town as well as my niece in Los Angeles. This serves very well as a useful, up-to-date guide to our city.

Author Christine Chitnis actually lives in Rhode Island and it shows. This piece is packed with where-to-go information — with links — and includes newer arrivals like Frank & Laurie’s and Gift Horse. In the past, these items would go on about WaterFire and Al Forno and it was clear that the writer had googled us. Ms. Chitnis does include Al Forno (you can’t not) but this piece covers everything — where to eat, where to stay, what to do — and includes some of the more obscure eateries like Jahunger and There There.

So feel free to share this article with friends and family . . . I did. But make sure they know that in order to keep up with local goings-on, they will need to follow The Dose.


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