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It is officially summer when Mr. Lemon opens, but this year the owners have decided to scale down the schedule to weekends only. Over the winter, Eileen Rao, known to all as Mama Lemon, died at the age of 94. Daughters Colleen and Janice and son Joe recently spoke with Globe staff writer Edward Fitzpatrick for the Rhode Island Report podcast. He asked who was responsible for creating and naming flavors like Boom Boom Blast and Dippity Dang? Answer: Colleen . . . and Freddie Mercury. Colleen explains:

So this is how it is, did you ever see “Bohemian Rhapsody”? Queen . . . he was a natural on bringing up lyrics. It would just come to him . . . and it’s the same with me. I would try every single flavor to make sure it gels with the other one . . . and then all of a sudden, either I’m working or sometimes at night is my best time . . . it comes to me . .  when I’m sleeping I swear to God . . . or I could be driving in the car and I have to write it down. Remember when he would write down the lyrics? It’s just like that.

I stopped by Mr. Lemon back in June of 2020 trying to cheer myself up and found Joe running a very tight ship, making sure that social distancing and masking protocols were being observed. Mama’s age made her vulnerable and they weren’t taking any chances, but she waved to customers from a second story window, cheering us all up.

Fitzgerald also spoke with some regular customers. Ray’s story is a hoot.

(Cash only. No bills over $20.)

Mr. Lemon, noon to 6pm, Saturdays & Sundays, 32 Hawkins Street, (directions)


Local icons get a onesie.

You can just see Colleen peaking out from inside. Mr. Fitzpatrick took much better photos.


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