Two Years Of Dobbs — Mad As Hell

It has been two years since a corrupt and compromised Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade transforming all American women into second-class citizens. The ensuing response from women across the country may not have been exactly what the Republicans had hoped for; resounding political and legislative defeats have sent a clear message that women want to control their own bodies. Turns out we have remained furious and continue to be highly motivated.

Since the Dobbs decision, 43% of American women now live in states where abortion is illegal. Fortunately, Rhode Island has codified the Roe protections, but if November’s election goes horribly wrong, those protections will soon be overridden by a federal abortion ban.

Make no mistake, Rhode Island women are already limited by the current situation. What follows is a short list of what we can NOT safely do right now:

Take a job at Space Center Houston; attend or perform at the SXSW Festival; visit Graceland, the Ryman, or Dollywood; visit or work at the US Space and Rocket Center; visit Disney World; visit Mt. Rushmore; go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans; go to the Kentucky Derby; go to the Indy 500; visit the Bob Dylan Center; go to a Guardians or Cardinals game; or attend or work at any of the colleges and universities in any of these states! And you can forget The Alamo.

Any father who is even considering sending a daughter to college in one of these dangerously misogynistic states has decided that he is comfortable with the idea of her bleeding to death in a hospital parking lot (here) and (here), because we now have proof that there are no exceptions in all this vaguely worded legislation.

And speaking of jobs, how can the government justify investing taxpayer money in a state where women can not safely work or even visit!

The proposed investment would turn Samsung’s existing presence in Texas into a comprehensive ecosystem for the development and production of leading-edge chips in the United States, including two new leading-edge logic fabs, an R&D fab, and an advanced packaging facility in Taylor, as well as an expansion to their existing Austin facility.

Gee that sounds great. And we have been encouraging our daughters to get involved with STEM topics at school with all the exciting job opportunities available in those fields . . . unfortunately, ONLY MEN need apply!

Yes, women are still angry over the Dobbs decision. And we vote.

(Seen here is the Providence Health Center. DONATE to Planned Parenthood here.)

2 thoughts on “Two Years Of Dobbs — Mad As Hell”

  1. I’m sorry, but your level of fear mongering is outrageous! SCOTUS did not institute a nationwide ban on abortion, and as a Rhode Islander you are able to still safely and legally obtain the healthcare that you choose, thanks to our states government and constitution. Let me be clear, I am 100% pro choice. Abortion should be safe, legal and rare. It should not be forced upon women in low income areas, where PP notoriously builds its locations. We speak often of the disparities in healthcare among different races and the suffering of African American women who still to this day don’t get the health care they deserve, regardless of the states abortion laws. PP at face value is ok. But if you think their parental counseling doesn’t differ between races, you are sadly mistaken. It’s racism at its finest.
    The great thing about the USA is that each state has its own government and laws. We have our own constitution. We vote for our elected officials and they act on our behalf. So if the majority of people in Texas have decided that they are pro life and they vote for officials that are also pro life, it is their right as a state in the USA to do so.
    It is also your right not to move there!!! It’s a free country. You’re screaming and yelling for rights for people in a state that might not actual be pro abortion. Is it so unbelievably hard for you to believe that there are women out there who are pro life?
    Again, I am pro-choice, but I will never ever criticize somebody for choosing life as long as they don’t force their beliefs on me The same goes for you for your belief on other people and acting as if those who don’t agree with you are the worst of the worst and society
    The federal government has no place in healthcare. If you feel you need to make a difference for the people in Texas or any other state that has chosen some sort of ban on the right to choose, then move to that state and run for office. But criticizing a state for the actions of its elected majority doesn’t really make sense. Why are democrats so hell bent on forcing everyone to fall in line with their agenda, and why is it necessary to spread your anger and hatred over a decision that constitutionally was valid.
    Abd please stop with the fear mongering. There is no nationwide ban on abortion The GOP is not going to federalize a nationwide ban on abortion just like they’re not going to Institute a federal a ban on gay marriage and they’re not gonna put Rachel Maddow in a camp or AOC in prison. This is all conjecture based on nonsense.
    Let’s start talking about the facts of the world that we live in today the rampant antisemitism the fact that working moms can’t put milk and eggs on the table because inflation is so out of control. People can’t buy a used car because they’re so over inflated pricewise and they can’t afford to put gas in the car that they have. These are the real life issues of the working class, people of Rhode Island yes, women’s healthcare and the right to choose is an important issue, but It’s not at the forefront of the minds of the women that I work with. They’re more concerned about putting food on the table gas in the car and maybe getting a weekend trip away to a waterpark with their kids this summer.
    Maybe interview some young women who actually struggle to survive and ask them what’s on the forefront of their mind two years after Dobbs. I can pretty much guarantee the majority of them aren’t even thinking of it.

  2. Sorry this may be a dumb question, but…

    If RvW was so universally supported why not just have the states pass an amendment to the Constitution and finalize this issue the proper way?

    It’s my understanding that “technically” the corrupt and compromised Supreme Court simply overturned a prior decision – ruled as against the tenets of the original Constitution (essentially making abortion a states’ rights issue). The corrupt and compromised Supreme Court didn’t set a national abortion BAN with their decision.

    But why not just make it a formalized amendment and put the entire matter to rest? (Also, this is from someone who DOES agree with a woman’s right to choose, so don’t get all TDS on me please).

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