The New Striper Is A Keeper

This looks great. A couple of weeks ago we stopped by Ocean State Tackle to get an update on the striped bass. Owner Dave Henault had announced that local artist Umberto Crenca was going to give it a much-needed facelift. Crenca (of Divine Providence fame) is one of Dave’s oldest friends and he had been wanting to get at that fading trout image for some time.

Well it’s finished and what a job he’s done. Crenca touched up the final scale at the end of last week (during some of that awful heat) adding all that crosshatching and texture. And I only notice now that the top of the caudal fin (the tail . . . I just looked that up) has been rendered on the surface of the window.

The store front now looks so bright and inviting it makes me want to buy some pogies and night crawlers and bloodworms and I’m fresh out of squid jigs . . . got to get over there.

5am to 6pm daily, Ocean State Tackle, 430 Branch Avenue, (directions)


He nailed that subtle iridescence.

The downspout ran right through the second dorsal fin (I looked that up too).

It was really hot.

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