Full WaterFire — Fourth Of July

(7.4) Celebrate the Fourth of July with the lighting of over 80 flaming and crackling braziers, food, drink, music, and entertainment. This full lighting is set to celebrate Independence Day and will have patriotic theming throughout the event. Onshore programming and vendors open at 6:30pm. In addition to the artist and maker vendors, food fairs will be open on Canal Walk from 6:30pm to 10pm.

Catch performances by fire spinners from Cirque de Light and a special appearance by Spogga. Andrew Anselmo, Origami Master will be hanging out all night at Market Square and visitors can find A Silent Soapbox living statue at the bottom of Washington Street Bridge and Canal Walk starting at sunset. Ten31 Productions will be illuminating the World War Monument in Memorial Park with a patriotic flare.

There will be a display of over 50 American flags flying along the river in Memorial Boulevard.

As always, the mood of the event is supported by the music. You can access the playlist of each event here.

WaterFire Providence is accompanied by music selected by Barnaby Evans that combines recorded natural sounds with eclectic and unusual music related to the ritual, religious, and symbolic sources of the sculpture. The soundtrack changes with each performance and works by artists from throughout the globe are deliberately juxtaposed. The emotional character of the music is in opposition to the minimalism of the sculpture—just as fire is paired with water.

Make a donation and keep the fires burning!

Ignition at sunset, 8:24pm to 11pm, Thursday, July 4, WaterFire, downtown along the river, (directions)

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