Free ‘Global CAFE’ — The Lindemann

(7.13) Head over to the Lindemann Arts Center Saturday for a free concert experience at Global CAFE (Celebrating Art From Everywhere), curated by local artist, educator, activist, and current Artistic Innovator in Residence, Chachi Carvalho.  Pictured on this poster is headliner, Afro/alt-pop artist, June Freedom. Like Chachi, his roots are planted in the island culture of Cape Verde. Also on tap is the Black Indigo Orchestra, Nino Francis, Brazilian DJs Mango and Ginger, and Reggie ‘Regg Roc’ Gray and the Dream Ring.

Come early for free food and beverages from local food trucks, stay for the fun, family-friendly vibes celebrating hip-hop, Afro-house, Cape Verdean, Latin, and Brazilian music.

Guests who RSVP will be accommodated first in the event of a line for entry to the Main Hall. Additional events will also be available in the Lobby and outdoor Tribune. (Not sure what “Tribune” is, but there is a big area outside that would be perfect for dancing and eating and a party, as well as a section of stadium seating (seen here) next to the stairs. The “Lobby” of the building is kind of a trip with lots of mirrors and windows and views of the goings-on below.) Reserve your free tickets now.

Chachi is a well-known force for good around these parts; he calls this event a Thanksgiving plate of music featuring everything from afro beats to hip hop, house and R&B, adding: “Family friendly . . . all ages . . . and the best part? It’s free!”

Free Global CAFE, 5pm to 9pm, Saturday, July 13, Lindemann, 144 Angell Street, (directions)


This view might be greener in the summer.

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