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Banding Day!

Friday was banding day — something the young peregrines do not care for at all. It’s also pretty stressful for the parents which is why all the humans wear helmets. Once again, the good folks of the Audubon Society of Rhode Island (ASRI) — along with urban wildlife photographer, Peter Green — scaled the heights […]

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Peregrine Update

Don’t forget to check in on the nesting box; these young peregrines (eyases) grow fast. In fact, they are now starting to crowd out the parents. From Saturday’s ASRI update: The eyases are continuously brooded for only around the first 10 days of life. Then, the eyases will huddle together until their adult feathers come

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‘Secret Mall Apartment’ Should Premiere At The Mall

This just has to happen. The documentary “Secret Mall Apartment” was a hit at the SXSW Festival and now has $10 million and actor Jesse Eisenberg attached to the project. He and director Jeremy Workman are wildly enthusiastic about this idea. One sticking point? Artist Michael Townsend, the subject of the film, was banned permanently

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Meet the Artists At PPL

(5.8) Head down to the Providence Public Library Wednesday for a chance to meet and celebrate the artists behind the four exhibitions currently on view on the library’s third floor. While all the exhibitions were planned separately, they serendipitously share some creative DNA. Learn more about their work, and experience their generative inspirations and connections.

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The newly refurbished Independent Man is astonishing. The usual suspects will gather today, Saturday, at 9:30am for the official unveiling. The building will then remain open until 2pm for public viewing. After that the public can visit during regular State House hours on weekdays. What a great way to celebrate Rhode Island Independence Day. The

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