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Dead at 83

Paul Newman, Oscar-winning actor and all-around good guy, died this morning of cancer.  There are worse ways to spend a rainy afternoon than watching The Sting, or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or Hud, or Cool Hand Luke.  And may I take this opportunity to promote the best sports movie ever made — Slap

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Wanted:High-functioning Druggies

Heroin users have always been a notoriously hard group to mobilize, but you would think the cokeheads could have pushed this through by now. I kid — this is an important issue for all citizens.  The Brown University chapter of Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) sponsored a lecture last night featuring Jeffrey A.

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Read the very thoughtful and succinct ‘Letter to the Editor’ by Matt Jerzyk, of Rhode Island’s Future fame, in today’s ProJo regarding the judgment shown by the two presidential candidates in their veep selections. “… after their respective vice-presidential selections, Rhode Islanders have been given a glimpse into who exactly has the judgment to lead.”

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Time for the Dems to Stand UP!

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (former CEO of Goldman Sachs) just wants us to trust him with this $700 billion that we are going to borrow from someone somewhere… or just print up.  According to The Washington Post, the Bush administration is resisting all oversight in the bailout plan being hammered out, including a provision being

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What Cheer Kneecap

A doctor at Miriam Hospital operated on the wrong knee of a patient undergoing elective surgery yesterday.  According to today’s ProJo, The surgical team had apparently followed the key safety protocols, including marking the correct knee and pausing to verify the site before operating… Here’s my thought.  Why mark the correct knee? Wouldn’t it make

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Shake, Rattle & Roll

This is it!  The Championship, the final bout of the season for the Providence Roller Derby.  Head downtown tonight to see the Old Money Honeys battle it out with the Mob Squad.  DJ’s B.I.Z. and COUNT.  Half-time music the Providence Morons.  After party at Local 121 on Washington Street. friday/doors 7pm/bout 8pm/$13/Bank of America Skating

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