Beth Comery

Education and professional experience/science and the law. Likes metal.

Mystery Solved

LAAAAAADY…. just move the car. Speaking of doppelgangers…. when the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency is being run by Jerry Lewis, whaddya expect? A cover story in today’s ProJo about ‘The Storm’ indicates that RIEMA director, Robert Warren, has been canned. Now, how do we fire the thousands of Rhode Island drivers who really bolloxed …

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Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)

This is Beth Comery’s first go at it, in blog form. But she’s known and loved by the legions of loyal readers of her weekly screeds in the “Scrabble Club Newsletter.” Fans of ‘Village of the Damned’, or anyone who thinks children are generally creepy and may mean us harm, should head over to the …

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