Beth Comery

Education and professional experience/science and the law. Likes metal.

e pluribus wiggum

“Hop on the Wiggum Wagon” Last Sunday’s episode of ‘The Simpsons’ pretty much nailed everything that’s wrong with the political process in America today. And at those times when I bemoan the fact that Rhode Island is always ignored and doesn’t really count, I try to imagine what a living hell it would actually be …

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one way to spend a few hours this weekend

Tim Meadows explains the pitfalls of smoking marijuana to Dewey Cox. [youtube:] And if you’re on the fence about seeing this movie, here’s a push. It’s crazy funny and the music is amazing. (R-rated by the way. I must admit the penises caught me completely by surprise, and I was with my niece. Am I …

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make mom proud, put that B.S. to some use

Sunday, January 6th will be the first Pub Quiz of the new year at the Wild Colonial on South Water Street. If you have never participated, here’s the poop. First, it now starts at 8:00 PM. No prior registration required, just walk in. Teams can have no more than four members but fewer is also …

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Apres Moi, Le Deluge

There will very shortly be a torrent of commentary, analysis, examination, celebration, fulmination, yippees and yahoos, recriminations, plate spinning, tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth, introspection, I-told-you-so’s, name-calling, flagellation, congratulations … and maybe by the end of the night… flossing. While we wait, I invite you to listen to a little metal by Andrew WK …

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or you could go to the face-painting tent

On the schedule for Bright Night is a performance by the Sheherazade Sisters. I think the picture pretty much tells you what you need to know. Led by belly-dancing teacher Kristie Speck (in front), they perform as a group, but will likely bust out a couple of mesmerizing solo performances as well. THIS is what …

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now will you eat your vegetables?

‘ripe 2008 calendar:harvest the beauty’ This can be yours for a $17 tax-deductible donation which will benefit Farm Fresh Rhode Island, Southside Community Land Trust and the Brown Student Garden project. Photographs by Lucas Foglia and Kate Abarbanel. Order online.  Also available at the Brown Bookstore and Farmstead Cheese at Wayland Square.

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