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Poetry At Ada Books

(9.21) The Return of Publicly Complex Presents: Poetry. Krystal Languell and Rangi McNeil engorge Ada’s airwaves with poetry sounds while avid listeners ensure that no snack is left behind. And it’s all free! 6pm to 8pm, Saturday, September 21, Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, Facebook

Lo-Fi, Low Brow Comics At Ada Books

(8.24) Wise-cracking apples, eggplants and pears; foul-mouthed birds and bleeding tomatoes; dead carrots and heartless bananas; stone-faced bunnies; conceited vampire bats; snogging peanut butter; half-witted cat-munchkins; naked wieners; and poop. All this (and more!) can be yours, at Ada Books this Friday, where Lauren Barnett (Me Likes You Very Much) and Alabaster (The Complete Talamaroo) will be within talking and touching …

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An Onslaught Of Invisible Words

Two sure-to-be excellent nights of out-loud reading this weekend at Ada Books. Friday, November 11th, 7pm — First, Matt Derby (Pawtucket’s only living literary legend and author of Super Flat Times, among others) will dazzle us with his wit and digital delights. Then, Rick Wirick (Kicking In, One Hundred Siberian Postcards) will wrench our guts with …

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Big Questions, Small Bookshop

Artist, designer and ink magician Anders Nilsen is coming to Providence! This Monday, September 19th, from 7pm until — oh, let’s say 9ish — he will be camping out at Ada Books where he will project pages from his recently published, forest-felling behemoth (592 pages) of a book, Big Questions. He will also read from and talk about the book, speaking loudly enough …

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How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive @Ada Books

Christopher Boucher will read selections from his new novel How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive at Ada Books Thursday at 7pm. He may also, according to his press kit “play the banjo.” (I trust that is not a euphemism.) Here’s what the back-of-the-book blurb has to say: Welcome to Christopher Boucher’s zany literary universe, a …

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Genuine Fiction At Ada Books

Ada Books at 717 Westminster Street and The Publicly Complex Reading Series present an evening of Genuine Fiction this Saturday (tomorrow!), October 16, at 6pm. Trinie Dalton likes unicorns, werewolves and cats in wigs. She writes and draws about these subjects, among others, profoundly and profusely. Her most recent book — Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name …

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