A Providence native and Pawtucket resident, I have lived in Fairlawn, Woodlawn, and Downtown Pawtucket. I originally was attracted to Pawtucket because of the easy access to the highway and commuter rail, which allowed me to get to various work locations in Providence, Worcester, and Boston. I moved to downtown Pawtucket in 2006 and helped to renovate The Grant, and that's when Pawtucket became less a matter of convenience and started looking like a place that individuals could really make a difference in. I recently bought a house in Woodlawn, near the Hope Artiste Village, and I run a small business doing I.T. consulting from a room in the house. I'm attracted to Pawtucket now because I think it's a ripe ground for innovative business and governance to be experimented with, potentially as a model for the rest of our state. As geeky as my username suggests, my interests lie in computer systems (desktop and server management, enterprise storage, directory services, and open-source alternatives to commercial software), alternate energy, politics, history, architecture, and riding my bike.

RI State Legislature To Replace Successful Mistake With Proven Failure

In order to secure itself a ‘Happy Ending’ to an otherwise unsuccessful session, the Rhode Island legislature has decided to hatchet its successful policy of allowing legal indoor sex-work. Seeing as how most sex workers prefer to keep very private, they make for a very easy scapegoat for Representatives and Senators who want to ‘feel […]

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Moderate Party Has Landed!

I’ve been in the bind so many times before. Standing at the voting booth wondering if I should cast my vote for a conservative neo-con Republican (fat chance!), a well-meaning but politically isolated Independent who won’t have enough sway or influence (I’m not so sure…), or an anti-gay, anti-abortion, pro-spending Democrat. I just got word

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Keep It Legal, Make It Safe.

Today the House of Reps will vote on a law that seeks to end private, indoor, sex-for-money trades in Rhode Island. I don’t think I have to guess if the Governor will sign this one, since it’s practically his only long-awaited opportunity to strangle your reproductive organs with his rosaries. I won’t deny that the

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‘Nationalize’ Providence Place Mall?

Did you know that the sales tax you pay at Providence Place doesn’t go to the state? It goes to the owner of the mall to defray the cost of building it. Now that the owner is in bankruptcy and trying desperately to sell its assets (about 200 malls and luxury condo buildings) I think

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