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RIPExpo This Weekend

The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIPExpo) is a weekend devoted to small-press and self-published comics, zines and books. Artists and writers from all over North America will join local creators to exhibit work and generate discussion. RIPExpo is committed to giving voice to those underrepresented in mainstream media. The event brings together over 120 […]

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‘Dear Diorama’ Returns to Rochambeau

(2.24) Last winter two dozen readers created entries for “Dear Diorama,” an exhibit of 3-D book reports that was organized by Providence Community Library and Not About The Buildings. Local artists, crafters, and hobbyist bookworms showed off scenes from some of their favorite books, from Watership Down and Alice In Wonderland to The Flame Throwers

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The Bee Is Back At AS220

(10.17) Experience a lively evening of angst at the 6th annual ‘Not About the Buildings’ Spelling Bee. 36 spellers will take to the stage of AS220’s main performance space on Friday, October 17th, but only one will emerge as Providence’s spelling bee champion. There are fabulous prizes for the victors, including memberships to the Providence

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‘Mummy-In’ At RISD Museum

(6.19) Not About The Buildings and the Providence Athenaeum have teamed up once again, this time to commemorate the re-installation of the Egyptian galleries at the RISD Museum. Join us for a reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s witty and not terribly long 1845 story “Some Words with a Mummy.” In 1845 Poe published “Some Words

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‘Dear Diorama’ Art Contest For Readers

(3.4) Dear Diorama is an art contest for readers taking place March 4th at Rochambeau Library. This after-hours event is sponsored by Foolproof Brewing and Whole Foods Market (snacks! beer!) and features prizes (including a $100 Craftland gift card!) for the winning diorama-maker. Registration is free, but sign up this week if you’re interested! To

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Marathon Reading — Spark’s Novel ‘The Driver’s Seat’

(11.22) Join us as we read a very short, strange, bristly terrifying novel out loud. The Drive-In is the latest in Not About The Buildings’ occasional series of marathon readings of very short novels. This time it’s The Driver’s Seat, Muriel Spark’s 1970 novella, which follows a Danish (probably Danish) woman named Lise to Italy,

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Micro-Memoir Writing At Athenaeum

(5.9) Join ‘Not About The Buildings’ Thursday for micro-memoir!, an evening of self-discovery and sharing that is a lot more fun than the words “an evening of self-discovery and sharing” might have you believe. Now in its fourth year, micro-memoir! is hosted by the Providence Athenaeum and facilitated by very short story writer (and publisher)

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Marathon Casanova Reading At Athenaeum — Join In

(3.28) Another thrilling but short marathon reading coming up. Not About The Buildings is ready to kick winter to the curb with its more-or-less annual March marathon reading. This time we’re tackling The Duel, the autobiographical tale by that notorious Casanova, Giacomo Casanova, as he flees one kingdom only to find himself challenged to a

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PCL ‘Great Checkout’ Fundraiser — Living Book Raffle

The Providence Community Library is Rhode Island’s largest (and youngest) public library system. Founded in 2009, this community-run system serves some of Providence’s poorest neighborhoods with a whole range of services: English, literacy and computer classes for adults; nationally recognized comic book classes for teenagers; early learning classes for toddlers, and a lot more. Running

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Join The Regret-In

(3.6) ‘Not About The Buildings’ invites you to hear a sad but brief National Book Award winner read aloud. The Providence Athenaeum will host The Regret-In, a marathon reading of William Maxwell’s autobiographical novel So Long, See You Tomorrow. Set in Illinois, the book looks at a middle-aged man investigating the 1920 murder of his

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The Headmaster Ritual

Oh, hi, Daily Dose readers.  It’s me, Matthew.  Remember me?  I used to post here a lot, but in the words of our dear friends Staind it’s been awhile.* Anyway, in my months and months of not writing anything here, I’ve been busy working on a new print magazine.  It’s pretty arty and pretty gay. 

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Haters Gonna Hate

Last week both the National Organization for Marriage and Concerned Women for America were profiled in the new Winter Intelligence Report issued by the hate-group trackers at the Southern Poverty Law Center. The list of 18 Anti-Gay Groups and their Propaganda was released last Monday by the SPLC, the civil rights center that’s been tracking

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ATRAVES Fundraiser (With Nicaraguan Food!)

Eating for a cause.  From ATRAVES Executive Director Brady Dunklee: ATRAVES is a small nonprofit based in Providence and Managua that does health, education and development work in Nicaragua. They are having their annual dinner and pottery auction Saturday the 23rd in Washington Park, and welcome anyone who wants to learn more about their work.

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Action Speaks Will Probably Make You Very Hungry

Tonight’s edition of Action Speaks features a discussion of Chez Panisse, the famed restaurant opened by Alice Waters in Berkeley, California way back in 1971.  Designed by a woman who “simply wanted to create a place where you could relax while eating well,” the restaurant kicked off the locavore movement and the slow food craze.

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