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New Feature: Picture of the Week

(CC) cmiper / 2009. Shepard Fairey: master of Radical Shill or Man of the Year? One spraypaint-wielding vandal had his say on Fairey’s recently-installed wheatpaint poster on the side of AS220’s Washington Street Mercantile Building in Providence. This is the first in a new series I’ll be posting (and cross-posting over at Most photos […]

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Monday: FairVote’s Fundraiser

FairVote has spent the last 15 years pushing for a true democratization of our political structures — a real multi-party, multi-ideology representative democracy, expansion of the franchise, and more. The RI chapter started up last year, and we’re trying to build a broader local base for it. Our keynote speaker is Hendrik Herztberg, senior editor

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Hertzberg: “I have a weakness for street weirdos”

When FairVote booked New Yorker editor Hendrik Hertzberg for our fundraiser (Monday, Dec. 15th at the Hi-Hat from 6-8:30pm), we only knew he was a brilliant writer who loved election reform. We didn’t know he could also hold his own in a streetfight… My first inkling of my week as a Bill O’Reilly guest star

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Youth Turnout Up, Decisive!

One objection that’s sometimes raised about youth voter pre-registration in the General Assembly is that young voters are apathetic, and they won’t take advantage of pre-registration even if we implement it. Since pre-registration would cost next to nothing, I’ve never understood what the point of this argument is. Especially since the data from Florida (where

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