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Networks 2008 – Art Opening!

Straight up! Watch some movies about some local peoples you know. You can also rent them at the library, i think. For serious. Here’s the press release: Networks 2008 Reception: Friday, November 21st 5pm-7pm Reception free for Newport Art Museum Members, $10 for Non-Members Griswold House and Cushing Galleries The Newport Art Museum 76 Bellevue […]

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2nd Biennial(ish) Rhode Island Artist’s Yankee Style Art Swap!

Oh hey! This Saturday, November 15, 2008 (a.k.a, tomorrow) from 1pm – 5pm at AS220 (a.k.a 115 empire st, pvd, ri 02903), and for FREE (a.k.a zero (0) dollars) is the totally charming Yankee Art Swap. If you missed it last time (which I did), you should make sure to not miss it this time.

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Sustainability Print Show!

HEY remember that one time the other day i posted a 4000 pixel wide image on the main page of the PDD because I momentarily forgot (or arguably never knew) how to use a computer??? Yeah that was AWESOME!! I hope I do it NINE MORE TIMES!!! Anyway here’s a charming reminder, with the official

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Sustainability Show!

Sustainability Print Show! The opening is this SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd 2008 from 4-7pm at The AS220 Main Gallery space, 115 Empire Street, Providence, RI 02903. It’s also FREE! Print Show by Just Seeds Visual Arts Cooperative & Thirty+ RI Artists, including (but not limited to! and possibly inaccurate in some instances!): Mary Tremonte, Josh MacPhee,

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Print Lottery TONIGHT!

It’s Saturday, September 27th! Print Lottery is tonight, 7-10pm @ 115 Empire St. (AS220). I keep promising cake, and that keeps being a lie. But FOR REAL this time, there’s gonna be like, 200 cupcakes and a bunch of wicked awesome vegan cookies, I SWEAR TO YOU. Not to mention, 200+ prints, 200+ artists, 200+

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New Obstructions Opening

131 Washington St. 1st Floor, a.k.a old Cogen’s Printing Building a.k.a the Mercantile Building a.k.a the building between Local 121 and the empty lot a.k.a be there or be square Friday (today!) September 26th, 6pm-9pm. Starring all your no-good, trouble-making, talented & skillful, crafty/artsy, thrifty/inspirational, hooligan buddies&pals from Providence to Worcester and beyond!! Installations, interventions,

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Print Lottery: Righteous closing show/party/event!

This Saturday is pretty packed with stuff to do, and I understand how easy it is to get distracted/side-tracked/drunk. But stay focused, friend! Because the AS220’s FIRST Biennial Print Lottery Show comes to a dramatic close Saturday, September 27th, 7pm @ 115 Empire Street. It’s kind of early in your sinful evening, so you’ll still

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