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International Pillow Fight Day

Saturday, April 3rd is International Pillow Fight Day.  While I’m not 100% sure I buy the story that spontaneous pillow fights represent some rejection of our capitalist, consumerist culture, I can’t deny the coolness of massive pillow fights occurring simultaneously around the world. This year’s pillow fights will occur from Boston to Beirut. Even The New …

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National Medal of Honor Day

What percentage of Americans, would you guess, are familiar with the Tiger Woods fiasco?  Maybe 80%? And what percentage of Americans can name Sarah Palin’s out-of-wedlock granddaughter? Maybe 60%? And how many Americans, would you guess, knew that yesterday was a national holiday? Well, now you know. March 25th is National Medal of Honor Day. The …

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Power To The Voters!

Two important bills are being debated TONIGHT (3/23) by the House Finance Committee. Contact your legislator to let ’em know you support them. The first, H-7518, sponsored by Representative Amy Rice (D-Portsmouth) allows voters in the Ocean State to cast their ballots up to one week before Election Day by mail ballot. Voters who have …

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Memo To The Mayor

Election season is here and for those of us who think about politics 24/7 in the off years, “on” years are cause to squeal with glee. Maybe you’re squealing too. But before we all get our squealing on, it wouldn’t hurt to have a rough consensus on what Providence progressives want to see from their …

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“Burning building? Call 9-1-1. Burning Question? Call 3-1-1.”

Lost your pet? You’re going to need to find the number for Providence’s Animal Control Center. Trash all around the neighborhood park? Look up the number for the Maintenance Division of the Parks Department. Need another recycling bin? You’ll need the number for the Department of Public Works. There’s a better way. 3-1-1. No, I’m …

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Providence Deserves A Bike Sharing Program

While Providence residents continue to walk their collective freezing asses to school/work/Whole Foods, the city of Boston is pedaling fast (all puns intended) on implementing a community bike sharing program for the summer of 2010. The Canadian Public Bike System Company, which runs Montreal’s “Bixi” bike sharing program, will help the city – and neighboring …

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