Will Emmons

Will Emmons thinks they should start calling her Powerwoman instead of Powergirl. She's the Chair of the Justice Society and she's been around since the '70s. He also wants to join Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. Uncle Sam is clearly one of the top ten most bad ass superheroes. He hopes his friends don't think he's a sell out for joining a government-sponsored superhero team. He also knows that the coolest two regular members of the Justice League are the Flash and Zatanna.

Anti-Imperialist Dance Party! Funky and Fly!

UPDATE by Will Emmons: Just got back from this event and it went insanely well. Providence SDS showed up with an anti-imperialist funk machine in the form of two speakers in a shopping cart jury-rigged to a car battery and connected to someone’s mp3 player.  The funk machine was decorated with mad anti-war signs and flags. …

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Tonight: Iraq for Sale

Take a break from getting waste off green beer to come out and see “Iraq for Sale: the War Profiteers”, which will be kicking off Providence Students for a Democratic Society’s anti-war Week of Action during this the week of the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War. It starts at 7:30 at MacMillian Hall, Room …

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5th Anniversary of the War Week of Action

Join Providence Students for a Democratic Society, Operation Iraqi Freedom (Brown U’s anti-war group), and others in saying no to five years of imperialist war. Monday, March 17 Screening of “Iraq for Sale“ 7:30 PM at MacMillian Hall, Room 115 (On Thayer between Waterman and George) Tuesday, March 18 FUNK THE WAR Student Power Dance …

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TWitM #23 rocks Race and the New Frontier

Justice League: New Frontier, the cartoon adaption of Darwyn Cooke’s instant classic about the dawn of the Silver Age of DC Comics, came out on DVD last week. When I was watching it, I was somewhat disappointed. My friends who hadn’t read the miniseries thought it was sweet, but I guess the actual comics ruined …

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Women in the Labor Movement

Something cool at Brown this Wednesday for Women’s History Month: “Women in the Labor Movement” 4:30pm on Wednesday, March 5 Petteruti Lounge in Faunce House 75 Waterman St. Providence, RI Featuring Roxana Rivera RI Director of SEIU Local 615 and workers from Brown Learn about the role of women in leading and joining the labor …

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Left of the Left Says No to Nader

That left-wing nutjob David Segal gave us his two cents about Nader a couple days ago. Looks like Chris Maisano of the Young Democratic Socialists (a fine organization of wonderful left-wing nutjobs) is basically in agreement. Nader represents nobody but himself at this point in his career trajectory. He is not attached to any third …

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These Weeks in the Multiverse, #s 20, 21 (Marvelized)

One thing you learn not too long after becoming a frequent comics buyer is that the fuckers are inevitably a week, two weeks, three weeks, a month late sometimes. So, I was bound to miss a week eventually. You’ll just have to deal with last weeks comic book column being late. It’s not like they’re …

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Six Reasons Brown Should Freeze Tuition

Partly to remind you about our Parade for Accessible Education tomorrow at Brown (right) and partly because my friend Mike Da Cruz is really articulate, here are six reasons why Brown Students for a Democratic Society is calling on the Brown Corporation to freeze tuition: 1) High tuition sticker prices, even when they are defrayed …

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Zinn on Election Madness

Don’t you hate how real news like the massive foreclosure crisis get second row to election-mania? I know I do. Well so does Howard Zinn. In a piece in the March issue of Progressive magazine he points out that even progressive activists fall into the presidential election trap of living and dying with the presidential …

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