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Wesli, or someone like her, is a freelance writer, editor, and researcher; founder and executive director of Providence Community Radio; and senior editor of The Agenda; the crackling narrative talent behind such stirring sagas as "A Fare Choice: How Rhode Island Can Invest in Public Transit and Energy Independence." She is also an amateur novelist with several incomplete crappy works, and is Rhode Island coordinator for National Novel Writing Month. She's an acceptable singer, a forgivable cook, and a truly awful bassist, with a taste in alcohol beyond her means and a mean addiction to coffee. She dresses like every day is laundry day, and can often be found taking up valuable space and bogarting AS220's only power outlet.


Won’t those queers ever shut up? Today, many of them will, for the whole day, in order to send an important message. “Sponsored by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, the National Day of Silence is a day of action in which students across the country take some form of a vow of […]

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NOM Defector Speaks Out

“I remember verbally asking myself, why am I here?” Thus began NOM member Louis Marinelli’s gradual but inexorable shift, from working against marriage equality through the nation’s highest-profile activist group, National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to abandoning that group to instead work for democratic equality. Specifically, it was during NOM’s “Summer for Marriage” summer tour

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Yeah, Baby

In case you’re of a vinyl persuasion, and want to show your love for the retail purveyors of albums, this coming Saturday 16th is Record Store Day. Just about every record store you know of is participating. (I don’t know what they’re doing, exactly. Why not stop in and ask?) Grab some LPs, and if

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With the General Assembly’s likely overturn of the Domestic Partners Funeral Arrangements bill’s veto by Gov. Carcieri only days away, NOM-RI’s Christopher Plante has issued an entreaty not to overturn the veto — arguing, among other things, that adequate provision already exists under Rhode Island law. To wit: The right of any person, without regard

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Another One for the Books

So, you ask, what exactly is it that preteen Catholic schoolgirls don’t do? Breaking the principal’s clothesline, for one. But that’s exactly what heroine Jody has done, in first-time Providence author Judi Cosentino’s book, Good Girls Don’t…. Self-published and soon making its way to local bookstores, Good Girls Don’t… explores the life of eleven-year-old Catholic

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Out, Proud, And Extremely Loud

According to an article in Saturday’s ProJo, the City’s Board of Licenses has “indefinitely suspended” the entertainment license for Club Energy (69-71 Union St.), for repeated and excessive noise violations. The article details numerous noise issues and incidents, including one tenant who claims he had to “flee” his flat in hopeless desperation, how the developer

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Woonasquatucket River — Be A Part Of It

Sure, there’s lots going on tomorrow night, but what did you have planned for the morning and evening? Shake off that hangover, get your Ganny canny in gear, and head to the Valley to do your part to support our National Heritage River. Saturday Morning Cleanup — Participating in the International Coastal Cleanup, the Woonasquatucket

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Originally posted yesterday morning: Let me open this by acknowledging that I’m a community member of Marriage Equality Rhode Island and the separate but associated action group Providence Equality Action Coalition (see Facebook page), who are acting as local organisers for Equality Across America. I am a longtime gay activist with a number of prior

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Get On

Waited long enough for equal rights? Equality Across America, a nationwide network of local organizers and affiliated organizations, has also had enough. Join the National Equality March on Sunday, October 11th in Washington, D.C., to promote LGBT rights as “part of a larger movement for peace and social justice.” Local affiliate Providence Equality Action Committee

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How About A Nice Cup Of WTF?

UPDATES — 9AM WEDNESDAY: The ProJo has picked up the story crediting “several left-leaning blogs” with breaking it, but we know it was Ms. Dymoke who spent most of Monday on the phone fielding questions from the Canadian media. 3PM MONDAY: Daily Dose wins again! ORIGINAL, AUG 9th: Well that’s a first… apparently people do

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