Potholes 2.0

Perhaps you have recently driven towards the Point Street Bridge under 195. It’s surprising that cars are able to make it through that minefield of potholes with their frames still intact, let alone bicycles.  SeeClickFix is a Google Map that allows people to report city problems (like potholes) and tag them geographically. According to The

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Starchitect Descends on Providence

We can only hope that renowned architect Daniel Liebeskind will be able to offer some insight for the vacant lot at 110 Westminster. In any case, he will be at Brown tomorrow night to discuss his “architectural philosophy,” and other topics. Prof. Dietrich Neumann, an esteemed Providencephile, will lead the discussion. Wednesday, 4pm, Salomon Center

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First in War, Last in Peace

Don’t forget to eat a Johnnycake or light some fireworks before Rhode Island Independence Day is over. It was just 233 years ago that the beloved General Assembly declared our independence from the tyrannical British: § 25-2-1  Rhode Island Independence Day. – The fourth day of May in each and every year is established, in this

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