‘No Confirmation’ Protest — Burnside Park

(9.27) Democrats need to get in some good trouble! Last week hundreds of you joined a protest in Burnside Park urging our senators to fight the upcoming Supreme Court nomination. You are invited back this week to hear the plan for that fight and help deliver that plan to Senators Whitehouse and Reed. Aaron Regunberg, …

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Tell The Senate To Fight! Rally

(9.20) Need someplace to go and something to do?!!! A rally has been organized by former state rep and activist Aaron Regunberg and city councilor Katherine Kerwin to demand that the Senate use any and all tactics necessary to foil Republican efforts to ram through another Supreme Court nominee. This president can not be allowed …

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Aaron Swartz

The Internet’s Own Boy

This just in from Dave Segal at Demand Progress: The Internet’s Own Boy will be available in theaters and On Demand Friday, June 27th. The Internet’s Own Boy follows the story of programming prodigy and information activist Aaron Swartz. From Swartz’s help in the development of the basic internet protocol RSS to his co-founding of Reddit, his …

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Segal Opinion Piece At Politico On Aaron Swartz Case

David Segal has written an excellent piece at Politico “What killed Aaron Swartz?” summarizing the circumstances surrounding Swartz’s suicide and bringing us up to date on the case. The news regarding the Justice Department is depressing as always. Dave highlights one detail, the importance of which was not previously understood. With my help, he started …

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Aaron Swartz Vs. The Justice Department

The Providence Journal has weighed in on the Aaron Swartz tragedy. In recent columns, both the editorial board and columnist Froma Harrop focused their attention on the “stealing is stealing” issue. Harrop (1.20.13) asks us to compare the outcry at the excessive prosecution of Aaron Swartz to the lonely plight of a “street kid ripping …

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