Food For The Soul — Admiral Street

“Baked mac and cheese, that’s our famous thing.” So says Food for the Soul owner Robert Richardson in today’s ProJo. Richardson tells the Journal that since the death of George Floyd in May “he started to see customers coming in who said they wanted to support local Black-owned businesses,” and maybe we can help stimulate […]

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Mr. Mattiello — You Can Find Slaves Right Down Smith Street

One could fill a warehouse with the things House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello does not know. Of course everything he says and does is best understood through the lens of his Trumpian worldview (Mattiello is still a registered Democrat) but never underestimate his near total ignorance of the world around him. His latest gaffe occurred during

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‘Zooming Liberally’ With Aaron and Asher

(5.7) Knock it off while knocking one back. What started last year as Drinking Liberally will, for the time being, be known as Zooming Liberally. For the first installment former state rep and soon-to-be former Harvard 1L*, Aaron Regunberg, will be interviewing Asher Schofield, the mastermind behind the “Knock It Off” T-shirts. His shop, Frog

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Tower Opponents File Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed by Fane Tower opponents Building Bridges, a nonprofit advocacy group, and Peter Scotti and Associates, a real estate appraisal company. A piece appeared in today’s Providence Journal in which editorial pages editor Edward Achorn interviewed tower developer Jason Fane. The article was written by staff writer Madeleine List, but apparently

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Love For Downtown Boys’ Anthem ‘A Wall’

“Maybe the first great Trump-era protest song.” That’s not just my opinion, but that of the New York Magazine Approval Matrix who have positioned the song by Providence punk rockers Downtown Boys in the always desirable ‘Brilliant/Lowbrow’ quadrant. (Regular readers of NYMag always turn to this feature first.) Amos Barshad writes in their online edition,

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‘Impressions Of Resistance’ — RISD Museum

The second floor of the RISD Museum where the students exhibit their work is accessible only by the elevator. I think it is often missed by those rambling around the museum proper. This week I stopped by and was stumped to see the name of local progressive activist, photographer, and RI Future writer, Steve Ahlquist,

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