Happy Thanksgiving

At the time of colonial settlement, the wild turkey (Melleagris gallopavo) was abundant across Rhode Island. Due to habitat loss and overharvest, turkeys were extirpated from the state in the early 1900’s. Rhode Island biologists conducted turkey reintroduction efforts in the 1980s and 1990s; today wild turkeys are found in virtually all areas of the …

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‘Punks For Pets’ At Nick-A-Nee’s

(9.23) Who’s a good dog? Head down to Nick-A-Nee’s Saturday day for the annual ‘Punks for Pets’ event and find out. This will be outdoors unless it rains and then everybody goes inside. There’s even bands playing: the Agents, Vague, Sourpunch, Starbath, Shirley Drive, Musclecah, and Crossbite. The wish list below is your ticket in. …

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Last Days Of The Dinosaurs

(8.13) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then the asteroid (moving van) brings the Dinosaurs Among Us exhibit to an end. Travel back in time in this immersive, walk-through experience featuring nearly 60 life-size animatronic dinosaurs including the 18-foot-long Dreadnoughtus, an 8-foot tall Brachiosaurus, Triceratops (and baby), Stegasaurus, and of course, T. Rex. I checked it …

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‘Dinosaurs Among Us’ At RWP Zoo

Big thumbs up for the Dinosaurs Among Us exhibit at Roger Williams Park Zoo, up now through August 13th. Triceratops has always been a personal favorite with its pleasing proportions and balanced massing. But all these dinosaurs are built to impress, featuring sound effects and a surprising amount of movement. Watching kids interact with the …

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Restoring Our Native Cottontail

The rare New England cottontail, a species of native rabbit once abundant in these parts*, is getting some much needed help from the NE Cottontail Captive Breeding Program. Since 2010, captive breeding specialists at Roger Williams Park Zoo have been working to perfect housing, feeding, and breeding techniques so that threatened New England cottontails can …

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