10,000 Suns

I finally got down to the wonderful sunflower installation on South Water Street. ‘Ten Thousand Suns’ is the work of local landscape architect Adam E. Anderson, director of Design Under the Sky. Ten Thousand Suns is a summer-long botanical performance in which over 10,000 sunflower seeds have been planted and being nurtured over the course

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Whizzed This One Down Our Leg

One great bit featured on the old ‘SCTV’ television show was a ‘commercial’ for a business called Logos ‘R’ Us. The logo for this business was of course an over-designed tangle of illegible scribbles and letters. I suspect the designers of the ‘P’ sign did not see that particular episode, but they did have this

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Just Add Water

Even in tight economic times, we need things like this. The City of Providence, the Summit Neighborhood Association and the Champlin Foundation are coming together to fund the restoration of the  fountain in Lippitt Park, first erected in 1940. It is here, at the north end of Hope Street and Blackstone Boulevard, that the Farmers’

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Spoiler Alert: She Goes Through The Door

They always do. . . that’s where the plotlines live. As the resident 3-D correspondent let me recommend another excellent entry in the field.  Coraline is visually stunning.  3-D technology is no longer a stunt but an enhancement.  A.O. Scott writing for The New York Times, The 3-D aspects of “Coraline” are unusually subtle. Now

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