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Photo Exhibition & Discussion

(2.24) Join James Vincent, President of Providence NAACP, and ProJo columnist Edward Fitzpatrick in a conversation about the civil rights movement, the establishment of the NAACP, and 21st-century issues of race and social justice, this Wednesday at the Providence Public Library. To take part in Freedom Journey 1965 exhibition finale and armchair discussion contact Melanie

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Demand Progress's Statement On The Passing Of Aaron Swartz

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Demand Progress’s Aaron Swartz. Friends and family have issued a statement and created a memorial page, here. Aaron was a dear friend, and an ideological brother in arms. buy viagra from india As others have spoken to at great length, he was indeed a passionate advocate for

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Haters Gonna Hate

Last week both the National Organization for Marriage and Concerned Women for America were profiled in the new Winter Intelligence Report issued by the hate-group trackers at the Southern Poverty Law Center. The list of 18 Anti-Gay Groups and their Propaganda was released last Monday by the SPLC, the civil rights center that’s been tracking

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With the General Assembly’s likely overturn of the Domestic Partners Funeral Arrangements bill’s veto by Gov. Carcieri only days away, NOM-RI’s Christopher Plante has issued an entreaty not to overturn the veto — arguing, among other things, that adequate provision already exists under Rhode Island law. To wit: The right of any person, without regard

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Whoops — Tea Party Forgets Bills Of Attainder Are Unconstitutional

I have a short post up at HuffPo, about the obvious ridiculousness of the self-appointed defenders of the Constitution and all that is righteous pushing through a bill of attainder to single out ACORN for punishment without trial: We’ll know the Mad Hatters really care about the Constitution when they start heaping praise upon the

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Vigil And Funeral Procession Against The Veto

If you’re equally pissed-off about Governor Carcieri’s deplorable, inhumane veto of the domestic partners’ funeral rights bill last week, come out and show it this Thursday, November 19th. From the Facebook invite: On Tuesday November 10, 2009 Governor Donald Carcieri killed a bill that would allow non-married couples the right to plan the funerals of

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Who Can It Be (Getting Married) Now?

[youtube]Lcu7OCIqlqE[/youtube] As of this second, Maine voters have approved gay marriage by a margin of 52-47 with 14% of precincts reporting, according to the live election news feed at the Bangor Daily News.  If voters vote no (to ban gay marriage; no means yes, in other words) then it will be the first time that

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Citizens Against Trafficking Mangles Facts, Again

State legislators will be gathering again next week, and more likely than not they’ll be voting on proposed legislation to change the state’s prostitution law.  One of the primary people trying to force this legislation through has been URI professor Donna M Hughes, who earlier this year started an organization called Citizens Against Trafficking.  Those

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How Do YOU Define Discrimination?

I spoke with Governor Carcieri’s office today about his speaking engagement at the Massachusetts Family Institute Banquet tomorrow night. I asked to confirm the Governor’s belief that homosexuality “is an unhealthy practice and destructive to individuals, family, and society,” as MFI’s website states. His press secretary, Amy Kempe, responded that the Governor “has never and

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