Jerkus Circus comes to Providence!

This had better be good, if it’s gonna justify the amount of re-formatting that was needed to make it intelligible: AS220, Saturday April 19th, 9pm. 8 dollars Cheap! All Ages Not your grandma’s vaudeville. Featuring Comedy from Evan o’Television, Jon Rineman, and the Naked Comic. Yes, he’s really naked. Burlesque by Bella Minx Burly Q

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c’mon, they’ve been writing

I suppose good writers can’t just turn their brains off for 12 weeks, and if a good idea popped into their heads who could blame them for jotting down a few notes in the fog of their bathroom mirrors. All I know is that last night’s Saturday Night Live was pretty damn good. Not many

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Bob Odenkirk’s “Dennis and Simon: The Show”

Bob Odenkirk is a legendary writer and comedian, as his work throughout the years on amazing stuff like Saturday Night Live, The Ben Stiller Show, and of course Mr. Show have proven. He’s been kinda low-key as of late but one of his current projects, the webcom Dennis and Simon: The Show, on SuperDeluxe is

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Justice for Janitors Comedy Show @ PC

Like comedy? Like justice? As our own Davey Dave Segal has written, “PC janitors have been subject to harassment and intimidation as they fight for a fair contract.” With things looking as they do, a whole bunch of comedy groups at PC have decided to put together a benefit show to help build the contracted

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Say It Isn’t So!

Last Friday Scottish-born late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson became an American citizen, thereby removing the final impediment to our happy future together. But alas, he announced last night on his show that he has been tapped for that insidious enemy of American democracy, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner!!! The last of this species should

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one way to spend a few hours this weekend

Tim Meadows explains the pitfalls of smoking marijuana to Dewey Cox. [youtube:] And if you’re on the fence about seeing this movie, here’s a push. It’s crazy funny and the music is amazing. (R-rated by the way. I must admit the penises caught me completely by surprise, and I was with my niece. Am I

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Huffington Post’s New Humor Site Not Funny. Not At All.

About a week ago, the Huffington Post, long an intelligent bastion of well informed and unapologetically left-leaning news about everything from politics to business to the media itself, launched their new “humor” site, the very weakly named 23/6. Their slogan: “Some of the News, Most of the Time.” Meh. The addition of a humorous sub-site

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