Providence Man Pens Definitive Stan Lee Bio

And it wasn’t easy. “Stan Lee’s story is where objective truth goes to die.” This from Abraham Riesman author of “True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee” out this Tuesday, February 16th. The Providence Journal interviewed the author at his East Side home — book tour on hold for now — and Andy […]

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Walker Mettling Drawing Marathon

(4.30) To celebrate his 40th birthday, comics artist Walker Mettling (Providence Comics Consortium and Wipeout) will stay awake for a 24-hour drawing marathon starting at “12am, Wednesday, April 29” which I take to mean 12:01am. More at Walker Mettling: A Durational & Isolational Birthday Celebrational. Walker posts up in his apartment doorway for a 24-hour

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cartoon by Randall Munroe

“Size of Rhode Island” Comparison Gets Scientific

Rhode Islanders are no strangers to comparisons of objects to the size of our state. Our diminutive 1,212 square miles of quirk has been fodder for jokes for years. Thus, it’s refreshing to have scientist Randall Munroe, who pens the webcomic XKCD, use the power of “the size of Rhode Island” for good (kind of).

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‘Wipeout #3’ Comic Release — Ada Books

(7.24) Head over  to Ada Books Monday night for the ‘Wipeout #3’ Oversize Comic Release hosted by Walker Mettling. The new issue features the work of Alison Rutsch, Caitlin Cali, Dailen Williams, Malachy Hopkins, Milky Pear, Mimi Chrzanowski, Ryan Alves, Zachary Kemp, and Walkeer Mettlling, with the screenprinting-sweat-labor of Julia Gualtieri and costs a mere

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(9.25) I love this artwork but . . . how many E’s we got going on here? No matter. The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIExpo) has events all weekend in assorted venues. Friday has already kicked off at Ada Books! Sorry about the lateness. Saturday, 11am to 4pm — AS220, 115 Empire Street. Artists

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Learn To Draw Comics At Rochambeau

(7.21) Join artist, educator, performer, Eric Fulford, today at the Rochambeau Library and learn how to draw comics. Check out Fulford’s comic book workshops for an idea of what to expect. He will likely address character design and cover design. After graduating from Providence College with a degree in Secondary History Education, Eric moved to

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Julie Newmar At Rhode Island Comic Con

(11.2) Actress Julie Newmar has Con-cred for miles. While her appearance this Saturday at the Rhode Island Comic Con (RICC) owes to her unassailable title as Best Catwoman Ever — that never starts an argument — let’s not forget her first starring role as Rhoda the robot (the original Fembot if you will) on My

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‘My Friend Dahmer’ Creator Derf At RISD

(1.28) The RISD Illustration and Literary Arts and Studies Department presents A Conversation with Derf Backderf about “My Friend Dahmer.” Join comix creator Derf Backderf for a slideshow presentation on his graphic novel “My Friend Dahmer,” the haunting memoir of the author’s teenage friendship with the strange boy who would become the most depraved serial

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RI’s First Comic Con This Weekend

Rhode Island will host its first comics convention featuring sci-fi movie and television celebs as well as noted figures from the world of comics (and for some reason, the Seinfeld ‘Soup Nazi’). Organizers told the Providence Journal, . . . the event will generally follow the same format as other comic cons, with two days

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Lo-Fi, Low Brow Comics At Ada Books

(8.24) Wise-cracking apples, eggplants and pears; foul-mouthed birds and bleeding tomatoes; dead carrots and heartless bananas; stone-faced bunnies; conceited vampire bats; snogging peanut butter; half-witted cat-munchkins; naked wieners; and poop. All this (and more!) can be yours, at Ada Books this Friday, where Lauren Barnett (Me Likes You Very Much) and Alabaster (The Complete Talamaroo) will be within talking and touching

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