Turn Off Ten — More Lies From Sinclair Broadcasting

Did Dr. Fauci create Covid-19? Get ready for more dangerous nonsense from the racist dumbbells in your life. If you have yet to block Channel 10 on Nana’s TV, now would be a good time. From WashPo: After facing intense scrutiny for planning to air a baseless conspiracy theory that infectious-disease expert Anthony S. Fauci […]

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He Needs A Benefactor With A More Reliable Dictionary

Brendan Doherty’s campaign tag line appears to be, boldly: “Equivocation and appeasement are not in my dictionary” Now, those are actually words.  But it makes sense that Doherty can’t find them. Doherty was introduced by Alan G. Hassenfeld, former chief of Pawtucket-based toy giant Hasbro, who himself had been rumored to be considering a political

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The Preserving Machine

Attention Dick fans, for an evening of expertly executed weirdness check out Saturday’s show — The Preserving Machine — at AS220. A multimedia performance based on the Philip K. Dick story of the same name… sheet music is transformed into animals in an effort to enable it to survive the coming dark ages… music/sound/projections by

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Out, Proud, And Extremely Loud

According to an article in Saturday’s ProJo, the City’s Board of Licenses has “indefinitely suspended” the entertainment license for Club Energy (69-71 Union St.), for repeated and excessive noise violations. The article details numerous noise issues and incidents, including one tenant who claims he had to “flee” his flat in hopeless desperation, how the developer

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It’s a Shakedown

And horrible public relations. An excellent article in today’s Providence Journal ‘Spas are regular contributors to police organizations’ details how professional fundraisers, identifying themselves with various police organizations, extort money from small business owners. The emphasis in the article is on the unsavory targeting of, and thus association with, massage parlors and spas, but this

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Caped Crusaders In Town

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property is in town. Yesterday a contingent of the clunkily-named group of Catholic extremists started campaigning around the state to remind us all about the evils of gay marriage.  They’re an easy bunch to spot, since wear red capes to do their protesting.  However, unlike

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No Joy In This Soy

A new report uncovers several “organic” soymilk makers importing cheap Chinese soybeans, focusing in particular on Silk brand: One company that had an excellent opportunity to meet consumer expectations by supporting the growth of organic acreage in North America was Dean Foods, makers of the industry’s leading soymilk, Silk. Instead, after buying the Silk brand, Dean Foods

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Stuff you learned from TV

Tonight from 6:30 to 8:30 don’t miss the opening of “Beyond the Birds and the Bees” – a public exhibit revealing the history of sex education in America over the last 100 years produced by the Public Humanities grad students at Brown. By looking at the military, schools and the ways that parents have explained

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A Shining Moment

Obama’s speech yesterday addressing race and the manufactured Jeremiah Wright controversy was brilliant and moving. Whether you agree with that assessment or see him as a crafty politician giving another pretty speech, it is notable for the fact that he actually dared to speak to the voters about a difficult issue as if they were

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