TWitM #23 rocks Race and the New Frontier

Justice League: New Frontier, the cartoon adaption of Darwyn Cooke’s instant classic about the dawn of the Silver Age of DC Comics, came out on DVD last week. When I was watching it, I was somewhat disappointed. My friends who hadn’t read the miniseries thought it was sweet, but I guess the actual comics ruined …

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Revolution or Scare Tactics?

On my way to work this morning I noticed many campaign banners hanging on highway overpasses, but none was more striking than the one proudly displayed over 95S in the the North End of Providence. “Vote Black Power–It’s Time,” read the message on what, ironically, appeared to be a white sheet. At first I thought, …

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Patriarca, the Saudis, and the Atwells tower

Tidbits on Frank Zammiello, the developer.  First, his connections to the New England mob: The project is the brainchild of Frank Zammiello, who rose from a start as an Olneyville electrician to head a powerful real estate company and now splits his time between Providence and Florida. Zammiello has developed the Bridlewood Estates in Lincoln …

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George Mitchell: pick your poison

Dave Zirin is a great radical sportswriter, with whom I don’t always agree. But yesterday he had this dead-on excoriation of George Mitchell, which includes a tidbit that I’ve been unaware of: In a report that excoriates a “steroid era” in the sport, there is no recommendation for Selig to resign. This shouldn’t surprise because …

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More No-Show Shenanigans

Another instance of no-show jobbing rears its ugly head yet again in Rhode Island, this time the accusations are against Providence Fire Union president Paul Doughty, who has allegedly not come to work a whole lot in the last three years. Doughty claims the allegations are retaliation from all the bad blood between the union …

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Mystery Solved

LAAAAAADY…. just move the car. Speaking of doppelgangers…. when the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency is being run by Jerry Lewis, whaddya expect? A cover story in today’s ProJo about ‘The Storm’ indicates that RIEMA director, Robert Warren, has been canned. Now, how do we fire the thousands of Rhode Island drivers who really bolloxed …

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