Young Dems Survey Is Out

This one we’ll just straight-up gank from RIFuture: Following on the heels of a great event this past Friday night and our President, Meghan Grady’s appearance on Newsmakers this morning, the RI Young Democrats released the official results of our survey conducted in Febuary, 2009.

What To Do About The Newspapers?

John Nichols and Robert McChesney have a compelling article in the upcoming edition of the Nation, wherein they argue that government involvement is key: The founders regarded the establishment of a press system, the Fourth Estate, as the first duty of the state. Jefferson and Madison devoted considerable energy to explaining the necessity of the …

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Consider Proportional Representation

When not gambling on college hoops, suave Dose honcho, Dave Segal, is actually a grown-up with a job representing the good people of District 2 in the General Assembly.  He is also a thoughtful and persuasive writer and has a fine piece in this morning’s Providence Journal suggesting that the master lever/straight ticket voting issue …

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Providence Roller Derby New Site Design

We’re proud to present the newly redesigned with more of what you love. Below you’ll find a brief introduction to our new design and what it has to offer. Simple, Clear and Consistent – Providence Roller Derby has made every effort to create a Web site that’s simple, clear and consistent. No matter where …

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Vote for Dan

Man-about-town Dan White is one of the five finalists for the job of hosting Fox Providence’s new morning show, “The Rhode Show.” Right now he’s in second place, just behind a guy from New Hampshire. New Hampshire? Come on, we can’t allow a native to get beat by somebody from the Granite State. Also, you …

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Downtown planning sesh starts today

The Downtown Neighborhood Charette (whose area of focus includes the Jewelry District too) kicks off today. Full schedule is posted here, and today’s workshops are as follows: 11 am-12:30 pm Focus on Capital Center What do we need to do to complete Capital Center? Are there any changes to the vision for this area? 1:30 …

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How’s this for Nightmare Fuel

(I’m regretting this picture already… it’s very disturbing.) However…Dose friend, Kim Ahern, is my new favorite Providence College alum — Janeane Garofolo moves down one. I don’t know any others.  Kim is one of the ’30 on 30‘ subjects in this week’s Phoenix, commenting on life in Rhode Island for the anniversary issue.  I just …

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Why Pay Now When You Can Pay Later?

Alright, alright, Rhode Island State Legislature, I get it. I used to treat my finances the same way you are treating the budget. I liken it to the way I used to use my credit card. I’d charge and spend without really recognizing that eventually, I’d have to pay it all of. And I’d have …

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