Sushi Pillows

Best Pillows Ever! Check out the rest of the catalog. Does anyone want to make knockoffs in smaller sizes for my shop?? These look soo cool, and are prob totes comfy. I’d love to cuddle one. link: (giant sushi in the form of a soft and comfortable pillow)

Yan Can, And Will, Cook In Providence

As part of the fun-sounding conference Eating Chinese: Global and Local Perspectives on Memory and Identity, Martin Yan will be coming to Providence on April 5th. Like Bob Ross with sharp knives, Yan took something that most Americans knew nothing about and made it campily fascinating on his public television program. Though his manner was …

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Garelick Farms Milk?

Anyone else notice the lack of Stop & Shop and Garelick Farms milk lately? I know they all come from Garelick with diff labels, so it’s def a company thing, but is it just the S&S on Manton that’s out of milk, or all of them?

Location, Location – Where do YOU want the Downtown Farmers’ Market?

Farm Fresh RI is currently in the process of planning its outdoor farmers’ markets for the coming season. There have been some requests to move the Downtown Farmers’ Market from its past location between the Skating Rink and the Biltmore in Kennedy Plaza. We are still in the process of making concrete plans for this …

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For those with a refined palate…

… Where have you been? This is still going on! Wintertime Farmers’ Market in Downtown Providence, every Saturday at AS220 from 12-3 pm. A few of my favorite market items: Chocolate to-die from Ocean State Chocolate and Confections, especially the Sea Salt Caramel truffle. Any cheese from Narragansett Creamery, but especially “Patty Parker” a soft …

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Providence’s Most Eligible Bachelor

An absence of inappropriate turtlenecks wasn’t the only thing missing in Providence Monthly’s annual 10 Most Wanted Issue.  The Beehive of Industry’s dapperest and most wanted gentlemen was left off the list!  Glee Guy, the debonair fellow with the fancy shoes and charming eyebrows pictured on the right, is all the more eligible now that …

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