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senate hearing today, show your support

Jesse Stout, Executive Director of RIPAC, the medical marijuana advocacy coalition, encourages all interested parties to attend today’s hearing at the State House to show support for the patients, doctors and experts testifying in front of the Senate’s Health and Human Services committee in favor of the ‘Compassion Center Bill’. Under this bill a non-profit …

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This is the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me

For today, anyway. From Pitchfork: Fifteen years after its Matador Records release in 1993, Exile in Guyville is getting the reissue celebration it deserves. On June 24, ATO Records will beef up the album with four bonus tracks from the original Guyville sessions as well as an accompanying DVD. The bonus tracks: the solo cut …

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Why I Love the Irish

As reported in the New York Times, Ireland has virtually eliminated the hated plastic grocery bag by imposing a 33¢ tax on each one. The law prohibits grocers from absorbing the cost. Faster than anyone could have predicted people switched to the reusable totes. If you are looking for a way to feel smug about …

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Zinn on Election Madness

Don’t you hate how real news like the massive foreclosure crisis get second row to election-mania? I know I do. Well so does Howard Zinn. In a piece in the March issue of Progressive magazine he points out that even progressive activists fall into the presidential election trap of living and dying with the presidential …

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