Happy Solstice

As it has every year for millennia, the sun rose this morning through our sacred trilithon . . . and in the west, which really sets Providence apart from the other henges. Also unusual is this synchronicity: Post-time at the Belmont Stakes is 5:42 p.m. EDT. The summer solstice? 5:44 p.m. EDT. Coincidence? I don’t …

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‘HairBrained’ Event — Hairwork Then And Now

(4.25) Aah, the mitigated joy of inheriting grandma’s Victorian hair jewelry. It can be quite beautiful, still . . .  hair. On Wednesday jeweler/historian Karen Bachmann and artist Nafis White will lead a discussion of how the practice of hairwork speaks across centuries and cultures in “HairBrained: Hair as holder of memory/artistic medium.” Master jeweler/historian …

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HairBrained At The PPL Downtown

Long hair, crew cuts, braids, afros, fades, mohawks, dreads, facial hair, fake hair, weaves, perms, dyes, relaxers — shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen. Learn all about the cultural history of hair at HairBrained, the new exhibition at the Providence Public Library downtown. From Rapunzel to Angela Davis: it’s all here. This is an extensive survey …

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Set Clocks Back One Hour

(11.5) The Daylight Saving debate rages on. Our New England neighbors have all been weighing the benefits of moving into the Atlantic Time Zone (effectively, daylight saving year-round).  State Rep. Blake Filippi (R-Block Island) has been spearheading the movement here in Rhode Island. In Massachusetts, a legislative panel spent months examining the pros and cons …

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Daylight Saving — Spring Forward

Daylight Saving Time — Who started it? Who needs it? One Rhode Island legislator thinks it’s time to abandon the system. According to this WPRI report, State Rep. Blake Filippi has submitted a piece of legislation that would have Rhode Island join the Atlantic Time Zone if and when Massachusetts does the same. Filippi, R-Block …

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Relive The Glory Of Spinal Tap At The Parlour

(11.1) Get your bum cakes down to the Parlour Saturday for their 2nd birthday bash and the music of Spinal Tap courtesy of the ‘Mericans who have been practicing like crazy. Eardrums will bleed and that fake Marshall stack will make it look even louder. Openers include Teazer (hair metal tribute who will be spending …

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