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Amy, with a perspective from the ground in Mexico, in this week’s Phoenix: Miguel Pickard, who works for a social-research organization in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, says that the mainstream US media often overlooks how neo-liberal policies like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) have contributed dramatically to the rise in Mexican […]

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Um, maybe not shit on poor people: PROVIDENCE — The emotional debate over illegal immigration moved from the governor’s office to the steps of a church this afternoon as religious leaders from around the state called on Governor Carcieri to rescind his executive order cracking down on illegal immigrants. More than 40 clergy members from

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Action against the executive order

The action is at 3:30 at the State House. Brown and RISD students are meeting at Faunce Arch at 3pm and walking over. JOIN PROVIDENCE COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS FOR AN ACTION AGAINST CARCIERI’S ANTI-IMMIGRANT EXECUTIVE ORDER In his worst attack on immigrants yet, Governor Carcieri signed an executive order on Thursday March 27th, intended to increase

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What are the odds?

Turns out two of the ‘top-50’ UFO photographs taken world-wide in the 1960s were snapped in Woonsocket: “1967-Woonsocket, Rhode Island. A daytime photograph of a disk-shaped object was taken in East Woonsocket UFO contactee Harold Trudel. The photograph shows a slightly asymmetric hubcap shaped object with a small dome and aerial extending from the bottom.

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Next time you buy a pack of cigs, Skittles, or condoms, better pray to FDR

When’s the last time you checked for your SS card before you hit up a Sleven’s? PROVIDENCE — All José Genao planned to do at the heating equipment supply store was buy a spare part for his boiler. While the owner began searching for the part, Genao and his friend began speaking to each other

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Civil Rights & Immigration Legislative Agenda Introduced

RIFuture has coverage of the legislative package that we unveiled at the Assembly today: Rep. Grace Diaz, Sen. Juan Pichardo, Sen. Charles Levesque, Rep. David Segal, and Rep. Joe Almeida will join Immigrants United at a news conference to unveil the Campaign for Fairness, Respect and Civil Rights – a legislative platform that promotes racial

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