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This week: Moving-in jitters, vaginal flatulence and the after-school special they should have made, but didn’t. Q: Jersey Girls, I have been dating my girlfriend now for a while and she is great. We hit it off from our first conversation and I haven’t looked back since. We’re even planning on moving in with each …

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The Jersey Girls Present: Your Disgusting Confessions of 2007

We have a lot to get off our chests this year, and apparently so did you! We asked for your dirtiest deeds and boy, you didn’t disappoint! The following are your actual, honest-to-God confessions and as promised, we kept everyone anonymous and on the up-and-up. Just to get you all tingly, S&M will openly confess …

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Jersey Girls Always Mind They Own Bidness

Although the Jersey Girls spent most of yesterday afternoon driving their SUVs around Providence, single-handedly rescuing panicky children from trapped schoolbuses, they also managed to finish their new column. And they even spellchecked it this time! Sort of! This time they get a little help from another dynamic duo, the legendary Salt-N-Pepa… As usual, send …

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Jersey Girls Know What Phallic Means

Well, better late than never! Our beloved Jersey Girls took a much-needed two week hiatus, and now they’re back, refreshed, rejuvenated, hydrated, and ready to tackle your frankly disturbing sex and relationship issues. The questions are real and anonymous, of course, and the answers are frighteningly real and becoming less anonymous by the week. Way …

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Congrats to the Jersey Girls

Who after just a month of existing as such, have apparently acceded to the cannon of sex columnists of note, according to people who know way more about the subject than we do. They share the “best of” with Dan Savage and Joyce Brothers. And we’re all super-cool by association.

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