It Wasn’t All Bad — 2016 In Review

There was this for one thing. West Fountain Street once again has a fountain (horse watering trough) thanks to the Luongo Square Enhancement project of the West Broadway Neighborhood Association (WBNA). The new bump-out in front of The Avery has been nicely executed with good quality hardscaping materials — granite curbing, Belgian block pavers, and […]

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‘Artist/Rebel/Dandy’ Opens At RISD Museum

A new exhibition Artist/Rebel/Dandy: Men of Fashion opens Sunday at the RISD Museum. Rather than following strict definitions, Artist/Rebel/Dandy features myriad manifestations of the dandy’s style and persona, from the discreet sophistication and consummate elegance of Beau Brummell (1778–1840) to the romantics and revolutionaries of today—including Rick Owens, Patti Smith, Ouigi Theodore, and Waris Ahluwalia.

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Saturday Fundraiser For ATRAVES

From Brady Duklee: The US side of the Nicaraguan organization ATRAVES (for Asociación TransAmericana de Voluntarios En Solidaridad in Spanish) is proudly based here in Providence, at co-founder Brady Dunklee’s home in Washington Park. ATRAVES works in health, education and development by supporting community-led initiatives in Nicaragua with resources and volunteers– volunteers like you, perhaps?

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(How To Survive The) Summer Of Death

Death has been no friend to the glitterati this summer. In truth, Summer 09 is playing out like a real-life celebrity slasher flick, and this weekend was no exception. Frank McCourt and Walter Cronkite are the latest victims cut down in the prime of life, and Hollywood has been left wondering: who’s next? While we

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Providence Roller Derby New Site Design

We’re proud to present the newly redesigned with more of what you love. Below you’ll find a brief introduction to our new design and what it has to offer. Simple, Clear and Consistent – Providence Roller Derby has made every effort to create a Web site that’s simple, clear and consistent. No matter where

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‘Gross National Happiness’ On The Rise

…in Bhutan.   In my mind, utilitarianism is still the most legitimate guiding principle for governments — you know, trying to do the stuff that makes it easier for people to lead rich, fulfilling, happy, lives. While GDP is a piece of the puzzle, it’s far from the complete picture — it’s a means to end,

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