Projo Admits Fault

Rightfully, for acts perpetrated in the 1840s: The Journal’s own opposition to the Dorrites and its coverage of the Gordon trial, fueled by class sentiment and suspicion of immigrants in the 19th Century, were not the newspaper’s finest hour. (Nor, on similar grounds, is today’s finest hour, as per certain comments you might find

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Dark Days For Network News

All the major network news outlets should hang their heads in shame for their coverage, or should I say creation, of the Florida ‘pastor’ story. They have elevated the profile of this idiot, and the two dozen morons who can tolerate his company, way beyond the reality of his actual influence in the world. This

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Fernandez — A Reasonable And Open Mind

Friday’s debate of the democratic candidates for attorney general ran on Channel 12 tonight. Former Providence city solicitor Joseph Fernandez was the only candidate who said he might be in favor of the decriminalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana. The other two gave emphatic noes and are apparently determined to continue the prosecution

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Segal Segal Segal For Congress

Staff writer Tom Mooney has a great story on the front page of today’s Providence Journal about democratic Congressional District 1 candidate David Segal and his grass roots campaign. The piece includes a nice profile of a recent and ardent supporter, Lisa Beade, and her efforts to spread the word and get his name out

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Don’t Let The ‘Meter’ Fool You

This may not be science. When the Providence Journal announced its new feature PolitiFact Rhode Island I thought some fact-checking in this election year might make the candidates more ‘careful’. But I also thought the analysis would involve checking the accuracy of the statistical citations they used to underpin their positions. Instead, the Journal has

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Aziz Ansari: Sexy As A Bollywood Movie About Elephant Gods Working In A Call Center

The Phoenix has just released its annual list of the 100 Unsexiest Men of the year, and while the list is mostly made up of people who are unquestionably unsexy (The Pope, Jay Leno, the toad from Owl City) there are a few surprises on there. Like Aziz Ansari, 25-year old actor/comedian who plays Tom

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Lying Liars, 2009 Edition

I’m not all political like some of you Dose folks, so I’ve only just discovered PolitiFact, a project of the St. Petersburg Times that fact-checks statements by the White House, Congress, lobbyists and interest groups. While others have listed the years’s top music albums or best-selling books, PolitiFact polled the top eight lies told by politicians

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Hey Kelly, Wanna See My Emmy Tape?

“Reading words” is his entire job description, but listening to Channel 10’s Dan Jaehnig mangle the English language is becoming almost unbearable. On today’s noon broadcast, following the egregious ‘First Birthdays’ feature, he asked that viewers making submissions tell him how to ‘pronounciate’ the name.  I used to find him entertaining (my favorite so far

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