Visit The Scene Of The Crime

[youtube]rdP7ZbD6ZT4[/youtube] The Providence Journal’s 7 to 7 News Blog just launched a new feature at some point within the last two hours.  In addition to printing the addresses of where newsworthy events took place, they have now also started providing maps.  That means that with just one click you can find out where three people […]

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Always Thinking Of The Children

While vetoing the marijuana-dispensary legislation, Republican Governor Don Carcieri expressed concern that it “…will no doubt result in increased usage, and will negatively impact the children of Rhode Island.” (The Senate and House both voted today to override the veto. Under the law, the Rhode Island Department of Health will license a non-profit compassion center

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Providence Monthly Celebrates Itself

Congratulations to Providence Monthly who will be celebrating their 150th issue this week. Complete disclosure — occasional Daily Dose “contributor” and malcontent, John Taraborelli, is a PM honcho. Although, to be honest, the only contribution I can remember him making was over a year ago when he declared himself the Dose ombudsman and proceeded to

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Love Us

All the confident opinions and public preening notwithstanding, we are surprisingly insecure here at the Dose and in need of heaping piles of external validation.  The Providence Phoenix is accepting nominations for that ‘Best of…’ thing that they do.  Click here to nominate ‘The Providence Daily Dose’ under the ‘Blog’ category. Take a little extra

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Now What The Hell Will I Read While I’m Waiting At The Taqueria?!

Divine Providence, by far my favorite local publication, is switching to an online-only format after next week. Founder Eric Marion cites ad sales as the cause of the switch. For those of you unacquainted with the magazine, every Thursday it provided sixteen pages of news about the gays; the back cover of every issue was

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Best Product Placement Ever

Nowadays, if you bother making the effort watch music videos on Youtube or or wherever, you’re often confronted with endless product placement for cell phones.  Sometimes, as in the case of Fall Out Boy, the video itself is totally remade into a big cell phone ad, usually without the band even knowing that it’s

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Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!

I know you’ll all be partying tomorrow night, so I’m getting this out of the way now. It’s my favorite video of the week of things we’ll miss and things we *really* won’t miss from 2008. It’s set to the song “New Lang Syne (Thank God It’s Over)” by Jim’s Big Ego and was created

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A Little Fixer-Upper

The Channel 10 Evening News reports that the Belo Corporation has put the Providence Journal headquarters building on Fountain Street and some adjacent parking lots, as well as a building on Kinsley Avenue, up for sale.  It is unclear where the Providence Journal might continue operations should a sale go through, although presumably they could

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