Porter Singer – Artist to Watch, Hear…

To quote an article written about her in November: “Porter Singer is a Borders’ Books and Music favorite. Considering that the Wesport (CT) resident will perform more than handful of times at stores all over New England, the nationwide chain seems to understand what makes the 24-year-old performer’s songs so precocious.” Ok, so like, it’s

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Will They Remember Soy Bomb?

Tonight is the 50th anniversary of the Grammy Awards. On the schedule is a special tribute to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which I’m sure will be ghastly. All hope of a spontaneous unscripted moment was abandoned years ago… but wait… there’s hope. CBS is teasing a live feed from London featuring Amy Winehouse!

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Live Tonight: Mahi Mahi, LLove, Team Robespierre

Remember electroclash? Those heady, pulsating months somewhere between ’99 and 2002…those were the days. Oh wait, it kinda sucked! Well anyways, the spirit lives on in Providence at AS220 tonight: Our own electroclash O.G.’s Mahi Mahi bring it per usual, along with newbies LLove, who, despite be mired somewhere back in the early 00’s have

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One of the most under-rated voices of the 60s and 70s

Belonged to David Clayton Thomas, of Blood Sweat and Tears. [youtube:] They might’ve recorded another good album or two, but they were demoralized and their reputation ruined, by a tour they did of Eastern Europe for the State Department in 1970: This was compounded by a United States Department of State-sponsored tour of Eastern Europe.

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Chinese Stars, Awesome Brothers, Black Clouds @ FH13

Tonight at Firehouse 13 is an amazing lineup and probably your only chance to see these three great bands together. Most everyone’s aware of the Chinese Stars and their glass-shattering disco-spunk, not everyone’s as down with The Black Clouds, whose primal, belligerent garage rock is always pretty exhilarating. With them are the Awesome Brothers, who

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Music Fridays @ RISD Museum

I am normally pretty suspicious of music collectives (it’s usually code for ‘overly-earnest hippies with weird instruments’). But tonight is Music Friday at the RISD Museum and the music is being provided by the Cozy Collective and these guys are great! Comprising Tim O’Keefe, Tony Teixeira, Umberto Crenca and Cliff Wood, Cozy Collective will be

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Live Tonight: Plastic Little, Triangle Forest, Morgan Louis

Milk And Cookies is a new gallery/shop in the Grant building downtown in Pawtucket, and tonight they’re having an art n’ music blowout party with artists Senan O’Connor, EXCHILDSTAR, Monster Decay, and Jaime Re and music by Philly’s Plastic Little, and our own Triangle Forest, DJ Morgan Louis and DJ Sterby Rock (from 90.3 wriu)

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The Spectacular Fantastic Release “Consume”

Hardest working label in showbiz, 75 or Less has released a quick little EP from Cincinnati’s Spectacular Fantastic, Consume, and it’s one the label’s strongest releases to date. From the opening devolved Television riff of “Limitless and Free” the band is taking things back to mid-90’s American indie super-pop and the harmonized results are pretty

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Music Friday at RISD Museum this week

Some familiar faces will provide the entertainment at Music Friday this week: The Cosy Collective combines the talents of well-known Rhode Islanders Tim O’Keefe on electronics, Umberto Crenca on flute, Cliff Wood on saxophone, and Tony Teixeira on bass as they perform a mixture of live and DJ-remixed improvisational jazz and electronic music. Also, I

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Live Tonight: Megasus

They’ve only got one track up on their homepage, but “Red Lottery” is a pretty all-encompassing and awesome statement; A few long, sludgy, deep dark forever-descending doom metal riffs and wind-tunnel vocals make for a snarlier Gluey Porch Treatments. I wish they had more tracks up here, c’mon guys I know you have real jobs,

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