Live Tonight: Killing Pablo

Tonight at the newly moved/refurbished/expanded/way better Blackstone, Killing Pablo, The Propellors, and Shawn Waters and Groupthink find lots of ways to rock; gently, noisy, and with growling. Hit these links, have a listen and come on down for some r.o.c.k. The Blackstone, Pawtucket but closer to Providence, low low cover

Local Brilliance: The Brother Kite

There’s something about Providence where guitar-pop bands are often ignored and criminally overlooked. The Brother Kite most definitely suffers from this cold-shoulderism, and it’s a shame, because they are the most strikingly beautiful guitar band that Providence has ever known.

Kanye Is A Giant Fucking Baby

Judging by the mostly-audio clib below, dude needs to chill a bit. Look, I’m sure it was insulting losing out to the Black Eyed Peas “lass year”, but really, why do you even want a VMA? It’s like an award for being the shittiest at what you do.

From The Dept. Of My Favorite Band Is Awesome

Anyone who has spent at least one half second around me this summer knows that I’m totally gay for The National. This song, and the incredibly sweet video that accompanies it completely nails my feelings about being single; it is the greatest thing ever while simultaneously sucking. Who needs a drink?

The Wrong Reasons Release “Bury Your Problems” Tonight At Jake’s

If you’ve been following the trials and tribulations of Providence’s excellent Wrong Reasons then tonight it all pays off for you. They’ll be releasing their long-awaited “Bury Your Problems” tonight at Jake’s bar and Grille along with two other great acts; Brooklyn’s Federale and Samuel James from Portland. Plus Joe Fletcher has the greatest hair …

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