Fashion Failures Drop ‘Motherfucker’ Tonight

Tonight, the Fashion Failures release Don’t Make me Kiss You Motherfucker with a live show at the Blackstone. Though there aren’t any tracks from this one on their myspace page, the tracks they do have up are pretty ace. Fiery, propulsive guitar rock, like Radio Birdman‘s 70’s output or some of Ron Asheton’s solo stuff

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Freaky Dancing

If listening to clued-up geeks drop your favoritest tunes is your bag, then there’s a few choice things to check tonight: :ListeningParty: DJ, musician, label boss Tim O’Keefe’s long-running night (remember the Red Room?) of eclectic musical adventure lands at Local 121 on Wednesdays. His guest tonight: MakeUpBreakUp’s Mikeylams.  10pm, free Rock-N-Roll Suicide The Cold

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Christmas at The Grant

Full Moon Emporium presents Santa Claus at The Grant Building, 250 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI, Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in December. Join us as he takes requests from the kids. Bring them for a special holiday celebration on December 15th with presents, live music, the models of Hydrogen2Foxygen, and storytelling. Grab a

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